Moped Law

Buying your first 50CC, or getting a larger moped?

Moped Dealer UK shows you all you need to know

Buying a moped may seem like a complicated process, even for those people who already have bought and owned their own cars. The licensing laws for mopeds are quite different from those that apply to cars. But I will show you that it really need not be that difficult.

First of all, establish what type of moped you are legally entitled to ride. If you are 16 years of age, then you must ride a moped capable of no more than 30 mph, and with an engine capacity of under 50CC.

If you are 17 and over, and hold a provisional driving licence, then you are able to ride a mopeds up to 125CC.

If you have a full driving licence is dated prior to January 2001, you are exempt from taking the compulsory basic training. For everyone else, this simple one-day training programme is, as the name suggests, compulsory.


Now you have established what type of mopeds you can ride, the next question is whether to buy new or second-hand. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

New mopeds at 125CC will range in price from under £1000, to well over £5000. However the typical price is under £2000. The make and physical size of the moped has quite a bearing on price.

The big motorcycle manufacturers normally produce their own range of mopeds, and these can be considered premium vehicles. In addition motorcar manufacturers such as Peugeot, produce an excellent range of bikes.

In recent years Japanese and far Eastern manufacturers have joined in with some extremely competitive and safe alternatives that are priced at a few hundred pounds less than the better-known mopeds.

Your local motorbike dealer will almost certainly have or be able to get a range of mopeds. He will also stock all the safety equipment you need, be able to arrange insurers, and probably have the contact details for several CBT examiners. They will almost be a one-stop shop.

If you choose to purchase online, both your moped, and your insurance will likely be substantially cheaper. Many dealers offer prices up to 30% less for online purchases. In addition to this, many dealers only operate online, as the profit margins they sell at preclude the cost of retail premises.

There is also a decent second-hand market for mopeds, well maintained mopeds keep their value quite well, and this should be considered whether buying new, or second-hand.

The actual sale itself will involve the transferring of licensing documents, and the registration for road tax, in the same way as any other motor vehicle. As with cars, mopeds can normally be bought through dealers on credit.

See the UK Governments rules here