Unsolicited Thanks From Those Who Have Read Our Reviews Before Buying


Read the 2012 reviews and knew I had to have a retro styled bike. When I got it, it rode exactly as the write up described. This is the only site I’ve found that does rider reviews.

Dan Smith, Worcester


Deciding to buy a moped was the first step, then sorting through the sheer number of options available. At first I thought no-one could explain one moped from another, luckily I found moped dealer and that made my choice far easier.

S Partridge, Nuneaton


Accurate reviews made my choice of scooter a lot easier.

AD, Leicester


I was about to buy a second hand scooter for almost £800 when I found this site. Really glad I did.

Steve “Studley” Dudley, East Ham


I know the place where you test your bikes. I mentioned it to my mate when he was thinking of getting his first moped and he went along and just happened to see you testing on the old airfield at Throckmorton. He never did buy a moped, but I did… based on your review.

Darren Young, Pershore


I haven’t ridden a scooter for almost thirty years. Moped Dealer helped me choose the right one for me (I’m not very big) 🙂

Miss Helen Francis, Cambridge