Scooters And Mopeds Need Alarms

This subject comes up regularly in the news, it’s usually people who have only recently purchased a Moped or Scooter, but who can’t afford an alarm at the same time.

Today the 3rd of October Delray Beach police have said they’re seeing a rash of thefts. And it might surprise you what’s being stolen.

This crime spree doesn’t involve jewelry, TV’s or computers. The crooks are stealing scooters and mopeds. A lot of them. Scooters are being stolen from driveways, porches, carports, and parked outside people’s homes.

Delray Beach Police say more than 20 scooters have been stolen in Delray Beach in a span of four to six weeks.  

Most of the scooter thefts have occurred between midnight and  four in the morning. One victim couldn’t believe his eyes when he discovered his scooter was gone.

“I thought you know, with it being locked I would be able to get a good night’s sleep and be able to come and go to work without a problem the next morning.  The scooter was gone, I was literally distraught, I felt like collapsing. It was tough, tough on me,” said Thomas McCloskey, a Delray Beach resident whose scooter was stolen August 27.

McCloskey, a chef, says  he only had the scooter for about a month before it was taken.

If you have a scooter, how do you protect yourself from becoming a victim?

Delray Beach Police offer this advice.  Be sure to lock the steering column lock.

In addition, use a hefty motorcycle lock, be sure you buy a case-hardened lock, and lock the scooter to an immovable object.  Park the scooter in a safe, secure well-lit spot.

Scooters can also be fitted with an after-market alarm at a cost of about $80.

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