Non Roadworthy Motor Bikes

Motor Bikes (this often includes Mopeds and Scooters) and Quad Bikes are an easy accessible means of transport, it’s possible to slip away down a side street or alleyway if the authorities want to have a crackdown.

Often in poorer countries Motor Bikes, Mopeds and Scooters are used illegally because they are cheap to purchase, cheap to run and can easily slip away unnoticed.

Unfortunately some of the machines they ride can be or become death traps, and unlike some of the more wealthy countries (like the United Kingdom, Canada), their health service may not be quite as efficient.

Unregistered motor bikes and tricycles have flooded the streets of Ejura, the capital of the Ejura/Sekyedumasi district in the Ashanti region, without a by or leave.

The riders are having a field day, as police officers turn a blind eye away from them in the town, where the means of transportation in the predominantly farming community of Ejura and its environs, happen to be motor bikes and tricycles.

Unfortunately, most of the motor bikes sighted at Ejura, during a visit to the town on Tuesday, were not registered as they are rickety in nature, meaning the machines had been in use over a period of time.

Another feature of the presence of the motorbikes is that most of the riders and passengers enjoy their ride without a helmet while Tricycle motor bikes were seen overloaded with farm products and passengers in the full glare of Police officers in the area.

The Chronicle also observed that motorbikes of Honourable Assembly members, as local law makers, were unregistered.

The Ejura Municipal Police Commander, J. Annor, in an interaction with The Chronicle admitted that such illegality was rife in the region.

According to him, the area is a politically sensitive one so they (police) needed to take their time to address this problem.

The Police chief indicated that most of the riders are farmers who use their motors in their farms.

Police Officer Annor disclosed that his outfit is in talks with the Assembly to register motor bikes they allocated to their members.

He said once this had been done, the police would move and undertake an operation against unregistered bikes and other road offences in Ejura.

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