50cc Viper Scooter Review 2014

I don’t know about you, but it seems that so much in life today seems to be about appearance. And when you’re reviewing a 50cc restricted scooters or mopeds for sale entitled Viper, then that truism seems to hit you rather hard in the face.

I’m being a little unfair, and everything should be taken in context shouldn’t it?

The 50cc scooter for sale here looks like it deserves the name “Viper”.

The 2012 50cc Viper ScooterIt’s a stunning looking machine and just like its 125cc counterpart, it looks every bit as good as a certain “French model” which will set you back 4 or 5 times the price.


These days price has to be one of the most important factors when looking for scooters for sale. I would always put it behind safety and level with reliability, but I often wonder how the big manufacturers who do not pay import duty (as their bikes are almost always made in the EU) still manage to have the nerve to charge 4x more for a scooter or moped that is fundamental very (VERY) similar. Ok – that’s my rant finished for the day.

On unpacking it is clear to see where the inspiration for the design came from. The ubiquitous Speedfight and some of the newer Honda machines look very similar to this, aerodynamics and an aggressive looking front cowl or add to the aspect of a very professional looking scooter.

One thing I have mentioned before is that while unpacking a 50cc scooter rather than the 125cc machine there is a noticeable difference in weight. You wouldn’t have thought 75 cm³ of engine would have made that much difference, but it clearly does.

Settling on the machine for the first time it feels identical to its big brother. However, when pulling off around Throckmorton airfield the limitations of restrictive 50cc machine become apparent. 0 to 60 is something that is just not going to happen, 0 to 25 takes about 7 ½ seconds on the flat. All 50cc scooters for sale in the UK are restricted these days and if you are 17 years old or over you will need to perform a de-restriction yourself as well as inform both your insurers and the DVLA that you have done this (It’s the law I’m afraid). I would always check with your insurer first as well..you wouldn’t want to find out that you were no longer allowed to ride your new scooter or moped at all because of problems getting an altered 50cc moped insured.

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve tested machine of this type and am surprised how quiet it is. It really does purr and the advances in scooter and moped technology over the last 15 years really come to a head with some excellent improvements in both smoothness of ride and a reduction in the amount of noise pollution these bikes now put out. It no longer sounds like somebody revving up a 25-year-old lawnmower, rather it purrs down the half a mile strip on the airfield very smoothly indeed. Mopeds for sale have certainly come a long way, even those at a value price.

The seat is a little narrow my frame but probably ideally suited to somebody smaller than me. As I mentioned before on 17 stone and I’m not sure that this bike is meant to a middle-aged man of my build. But it handles very well even with me on it. The steering column is reassuringly uncluttered and instrument panel has been spruced up since last year’s model and now displays in a slightly more high-tech fashion than before. There’s plenty of room in the foot well. However are not able to put my motorbike helmet in the under-seat compartment. This is something I now test every time. There is a free box that goes on the back of the bike for this purpose. A pretty good addition to any new scooters for sale

The 50cc engine manages to reach exactly 30 mph and is clearly restricted. We found that the past that unit of this type are actually capable of around 40 mph if you remove the restriction increase the bore in the exhaust pipe and make a few other minor adjustments to get more oxygen through the system, but we are here to test these 50cc mopeds for sale as they come out of the box, as it will be delivered to anybody who looks to buy.

On the open road it’s a quiet day and not buffeted to the curb and as much as I often am, the braking is exceptionally good, a marked improvement on last year’s model. Given the amount of momentum this machine would have particularly with my weight on it the front and rear brakes seem very well-balanced and there is little if any “throw forward”

All in all, an excellent bike, capable of doing exactly what it says on the box. It looks every bit the “Viper” bike that it claims to be, even if the performance has been hobbled somewhat by the restriction.