50cc Sport Scooter Review 2014

The 2012 50cc Sports scooter is perhaps the biggest bargain as far as scooters for sale that I’ve come across in the several years have now been reviewing mopeds online.

On unpacking it proves itself to be a very functional if none elaborate machine.

The 2012 50cc Sports ScooterLightweight and with just the basic additions that you might expect from a vehicle that this price range. However there are several improvement on last year’s model. The steering column now hides itself neatly in a cover which extends down to the foot well. This does not seem to reduce the amount of legroom available it just means that the tall rider is less likely to get tangled up when turning.


A small wind-shield at the front seems to removable, or at least it was in the case of our scooter and despite it perhaps not being the coolest features it is something we decided to keep on.

The bike itself started first time (as does every other unit in this range) and managed 31.5 mph on the flat with a 0-25mph speed of just over 7.5 seconds. This is clearly a restricted scooter as all 50cc scooters designed to the 16 to 17-year-old market in the UK have to be.

The instrument panel in the centre has been altered little bit and perhaps a little bit more robust particularly as far as any build-up of condensation in the electrics may be concerned. We have not had a problem with is the 2012 model of the 50cc Sport scooter for sale here seems to have improved in this area a little bit.

One central headlight and a neat arrangement of rear light and indicators at the back. A sensible “one third wheel” mudguard at the front and a flexible poly flap at the back to prevent spray up on the back of any unsuspecting rider. That being said this 50cc scooter is not really designed for off-road use, but it’s a nice feature to have all the same.

Once again I was unable to put my helmet in the under-seat compartment however as a special offer the moped arrived with a rear mounted lock box, into which my helmet fitted in perfectly well. This in effect gave me a second space to put a few odds and ends, like when pop into Tesco’s to fetch a pint of milk or whatever.

On the open road bike behaved extremely well. The braking if anything is a little rear heavy but this is the way I like it as it reduces throw forward dramatically. During the course of the 6 miles I ran around the village of Pershore it was noticeable that the engine loosened up a little bit, and this is to be expected when buying any new scooter or moped.

Acceleration seemed a little bit sharper by the time I had finished although the top speed of 30 mph reflects the restricted status of this bike and seemed to be consistent throughout the journey.

Given the new arrangement of the steering column, turning was exceptionally easy and there was no need for any excessive knees down action, something which tends to worry newer scooter or moped riders.

But above all, it’s the price of this bike which really wins home. A scooter for sale for under £500 for a vehicle of this quality, which has the styling and characteristics that make it very similar to some of the more recent Honda scooters and mopeds that cost four times its price, makes this an absolute bargain.

With a free top box and screen added to give you that little bit of extra wind protection and storage space, which many long-term scooter and moped users will say is often essential if you’re going to use your bike for practical reasons.

A 50cc scooter for sale anywhere is never going to set the world alight, but in its own understated way and that the price point which is staggeringly cheap, a useful well built scooter such as this really would be hard to turn your nose up at if you’re in the market for such a thing.