125CC Viper Moped Review

125CC Viper Moped The 125 CC Viper moped is the big brother of the 50CC version I had written about previously.

This bike really looks the part, bearing a striking similarity to Peugeots ubiquitous speed fight. If anything the lines are a little sleeker.

The 125CC Viper moped I rode it came without the top box, which although a practical addition, does tend to detract somewhat from the overall curving this of this very nice looking scooter.

One quick point, the 125CC version of this moped that I tested was black, and really looked like a mean machine.

The seating, handlebar and leg arrangements were all exactly the same as the 50CC version, and for a man of my large frame was adequately comfortable.

But this review is not about that, let’s see what 125CC Viper Moped gives you over 50CC version

A quarter turn of the throttle, and the bike has a great deal of torque, it pulls away and reaches 30 mph in less than six seconds, and it’s regulated speed of 50 mph in less than 10 seconds.

At this point the bike purrs along very nicely. It’s clear it would have more power if derestricted.

Unfortunately, as I have to return the bike, I am unable to test this as I would like. I would wager however, that this bike could reach 60mph perhaps a little more on the flat once derestricted.


Out on the open road, the 125CC Viper moped handles very well. The steering is responsive, and the extra speed means that I keep up with the flow of traffic most of the time.

In my opinion this is one of the major reasons to have a 125CC moped over a smaller engine version.

There is nothing more unnerving than being continually overtaken by large vehicles, and feeling obliged to ride in the gutter. Having a bike that can keep up with the flow of traffic on busy ”A” roads makes the whole experience that much nicer, as well as getting you to your destination that much sooner.

For me a 125CC bike is a win win – safer and faster.

A quick ride around Pershore and back to the airfield is enough to convince me that the 125CC Viper moped is a premium bike. Testing the brakes, I found a very even breaking pattern which kept me firmly and confidently in my seat.

Cornering is neat, and requires minimal leaning, acceleration is smooth, the engine is quiet, and the fuel consumption excellent.

If you read my 50CC review of this bike, you will know how taken I was with its style and performance. I considered buying one just for a quick “Spring” run around.

Well, I did buy a 125CC version of the Viper, it’s the first moped I’ve owned out-right for almost 3 years, and in the Spring it will get a lot of use.

It’s easy to be a little disdainful of mopeds, especially when I look around my garage and see some of the beasts in my collection, but then you remember just how fun, and practical, a bike like this can be.

It says something that I’m really looking forward to riding the 125CC Viper moped, even in preference to my Beamer or my Blade. Well, now and then anyway 🙂

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