The CBT Compulsory Basic Training for your Moped

Even 50CC Mopeds require a CBT

The compulsory Basic training for mopeds riders consists of five parts. Having completed the training several times myself, I can assure all but the most nervous of riders that it is a very simple process to pass this test.

Initially, you will have an hour’s introduction with your examiner. During this time you will discuss features such as road safety, equipment helmets and gloves jackets and the basic mechanics of the moped itself.

You will also be shown a couple of films on road safety.

You will then have practical on-site training. You will be taught how to check your moped before every journey, how to start your moped, the correct seating position how far the handlebars should be from your body, the correct way to wear a helmet and things of this nature. You will also be told how to safely start and stop the mopeds engine.

The third part of the course is where you finally get to write your mopeds. Practical on-site riding involves straight-line riding, the figure of eight riding, and the obligatory junction manoeuvres. It will also involve emergency stops and safely joining traffic.

At this point, at every CBT I have attended, it was time for a midday break for lunch. This is a good time to ask the examiner any questions you may have. A good examiner will have a range of literature to help you get started in areas such as buying a moped, ensuring your moped, and getting the best safety equipment for your moped.

The afternoon begins with practical on road training.for the first time you will be taking your mopeds out onto the open highway.

Once again, your examiner will spend time reviewing what you have learned in the morning, particularly in terms of safety and awareness of other road users. He will also talk you through what the final part of the days training will involve, hopefully at this point you will be confident of success.

The final part of the CBT is practical on road riding for you on your moped.

The examiner will lead you and perhaps one other examinee, through a range of traffic situations both in congested areas, and on open roads. You will go through a range of manoeuvres, left turns, right turns, as well as the “U” turn.

If all goes well, and it probably will, the test will be over mid afternoon. At which point he will return to the test centre, where the examiner will write out your CBT certificate.

You will then be legally able to ride your moped for two years. Good luck.


Visit the UK governments official CBT site