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Why Buy A Scooter – A Case Study

These days you’ll see a lot of adverts for scooters for sale, but what are the economic reasons behind buying a scooter in the first place?

Scooter EconomyHere we’re going to look at an actual case study, the difference in cost through one particular individual when changing from his 1.6 coupe to a 50cc scooter purely for his commute to and from work.

Paul lives in a village on the outskirts of Birmingham, and commutes to his office every day a distance of 28 miles each way.

So a round trip of 56 miles per day or 280 miles per week.

The two metrics were going to concentrate on here our journey time and fuel economy.

Before we go any further I should explain that these metrics, if anything, are biased against the scooter as in terms of cost efficiency the scooter would almost definitely win on other road costs if we were to examine them in detail. Paying less than £20 per year in tax and having far lower insurance premiums not to mention being quite economical to maintain.

In March 2011, Paul bought a 50cc scooter to ride to and from work just during the spring and summer months. So he would be riding a moped for seven possibly eight months per year maximum.

During this period of time he estimates to have three weeks away from work for vacations and other purposes, so the number of journeys to and from work adds up to 151 each way (302 in total)

The week before scooter arrived Paul meticulously filled his 1.6 coupe’s petrol tank to the top, then use it only for his daily commute.

It should be mentioned that the journey into the town centre is not a smooth run, working in the city centre often involves stopping and starting, traffic lights and waiting in queues, Paul’s journey was no exception.

On Wednesday morning, the car’s petrol tank needed to be refilled, and the cost of that was added.

After owning a 50 cc scooter for two weeks, Paul undertook the exact same experiment on his moped and then compared the results in terms of travel time and fuel cost.

  • His car used 8.78 litres of fuel a day on average
  • The 50cc Scooter used 5.01 per day
  • A saving of 3.77 L of fuel per day.

Then in terms of time;

  • Average journey time in a 1.6 coupe 44 minutes
  • Average journey time on a 50cc scooter 44 minutes

it seems that the extra potential speed of the car was negated both by traffic and by the scooter’s ability to avoid many road race obstacles and blockages.

As I write this, the lowest price for unleaded fuel locally is 131.9 pence per litre

If we multiply that by 3.77 litres we have a saving a total of;

£4.97 per day,

Almost £25 per week and….

Almost exactly £100 per full working month.

Given that the scooter was bought on credit, and the repayments were £52 per month, it’s clear that even while paying for the scooter, Paul was still making a net gain of almost £50 per month. Once the scooter was paid off this saving doubled.

Why not take a look at your commute journey time cost and fuel consumption?

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Remember, fuel costs are only one of the areas you will be saving.

For some families the decision is between getting a second car or a scooter to supplement a single car, in cases like this you will be saving much larger amounts of money on purchase, maintenance, MOT, insurance and not to mention fuel.

I wouldn’t for a second say that scooters could replace cars for all journeys, that simply isn’t practical.

However, for many families the option to use extremely cost-effective two wheeled vehicles instead of investing in a second car makes very sound economic sense even while amortising the cost of the scooter.